Xunwu Chen's Another Phenomenology of Humanity: A Reading of A Dream of PDF

By Xunwu Chen

ISBN-10: 1498504558

ISBN-13: 9781498504553

One other Phenomenology of Humanity: A examining of A Dream of crimson Mansions is dedicated to constructing one other model of phenomenology of humanity—human nature, human inclinations and human desires—by taking A Dream of crimson Mansions, the crown jewel of chinese language tradition, as its major literary paradigm of representation. The model of phenomenology of humanity at factor is a synthesis of the Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist and Western existentialist phenomenological debts of humanity—for instance, what's humanity, what make people as human, human nature, human emotions, human wants, 3 center human existential pursuits, and 4 simple difficulties of human lifestyles.

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I see Peter, I feel a sort of profound convulsion of repugnance and anger at the sight of him (I am already on the reflective level) : the convulsion is consciousness. I cannot be mistaken when I say: I feel at this moment a violent repugnance for Peter. But is this experience of repugnance hatred? Obviously not. Moreover, it is not given as such. In reality, I have hated Peter a long time and I think that I shall hate him always. An instantaneous consciousness of repugnance could not, then, be my hatred.

The reply is clear: the / is not given as a concrete moment, a perishable structure of my actual consciousness. On the contrary, it affirms its permanence beyond this consciousness and all consciousnesses, and—although it scarcely resembles a mathematical truth—its type of existence comes much nearer to that of eternal truths than to that of consciousness. Indeed, it is obvious that Descartes passed from the Cogito to the idea of thinking substance because he believed that / and think are on the same level.

But it is precisely Husserl who has no need of such a principle. The object is transcendent to the consciousnesses which grasp it, and it is in the object that the unity of the consciousnesses is found. It will be said that a principle of unity within duration is nonetheless needed if the continual the I and the Me 3$ flux of consciousness is to be capable of positing transcendent objects outside the flux. Consciousnesses must be perpetual syntheses of past consciousnesses and present consciousness.

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Another Phenomenology of Humanity: A Reading of A Dream of Red Mansions by Xunwu Chen

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