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By Katcher Ph., Volstad R.

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Clearly seeing that his platoon sergeant remains several yards behind in between two other huts, which obscured him from the two leading Japanese soldiers, Durant will hurl his grenade and swerve to his left to leap over the side of the hill several feet away. Despite his wounds, Cairns continued to swing the Japanese officer’s sword and inflict further casualties on the Japanese infantrymen. Cairns would shortly expire from his wounds, but – as Calvert noted at his side, when death was near – said: ‘Have we won, Sir?

3 Column and I/55th Infantry at Nankan Station, 6 March 1943 MAP KEY 1 1245hrs: Having rested with the remainder of Maj Calvert’s No. 3 Column in a secure bivouac since the evening of 4 March, the demolition crews of No. 1 Party move onto the railway, 3 miles south-west of Nankan Station, and start laying charges on the line as they go. 2 1245hrs: No. 2 Party’s demolition crews move onto the railway 3 miles north of Nankan Station to set explosives. 3 1315hrs: Two truckloads of Japanese troops from I/55th Infantry plus a light tank race down the road from Indaw to the north and drive right into No.

For the next 4 hours we had a very unpleasant time indeed. We couldn’t see the Japs and there were very few parts of the hill that weren’t under fire. Casualties were mounting up. I had to move the Vickers every half hour or so as the Jap was doing his best to knock them out. He put a burst across one gun which hit the man firing it in the thigh, another in the foot and ripped the box of ammunition which was being made into shreds. ’s and from occasional screams knew that we were also inflicting casualties.

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