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By Virginia Matheson Hooker

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In training for a visit to Malaysia, this helped me comprehend the background and present outlook and concerns. not likely a enjoyable learn, however it seems well-written and worthwhile to knowing the rustic. yet i am not a professional.

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The finds of beads of Indian origin at the Klang sites suggest that the region was a major exchange point for incoming foreign goods and outgoing local items, particularly tin and also gold, from the uplands of the interior with other luxury items such as fragrant woods and resins. The Dongson drums found in this area have been associated with burial sites (as mentioned above) marked by megaliths in the form of stone slab graves and standing stones. The drums provide evidence about trade patterns and about some features of the society which used them.

The two points to note are first, the skill of the Austronesians in navigation and long-distance travel, and second, the demand for particular items which made hazardous voyages attractive and worthwhile. Although we do not know the full list of merchandise being traded between Southeast Asia and other parts of the world in the early centuries CE, reports from the 15th century indicate a mixture of foodstuffs (bananas, grains, fish), spices, cloth, precious metals and specialist luxury items such as birds’ nests, resins and aromatic woods.

3. Dwellers in the coastal areas of Sabah and Sarawak were in contact with peoples in the nearby islands of what are now the southern Philippines and Sulawesi as well as with those across the South China Sea in southern Vietnam and Cambodia. The inhabitants of Sarawak probably also had contact with settlers in areas of Sumatra. At the macro-level then, the peoples of what is now Malaysia had a variety of opportunities for external contact depending on their location at a given time. The significance of these contacts and cultural orientations will be discussed as part of the third major theme, the strategic position of Malaysia.

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