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The nominative plural is generally formed by adding i&e or aoa (with occasionally an obvious vowel change). Example, dipne, a sloe. Plural. Singular. Nom. dipne. Nom. dipni&e. Gen. dipne. Dat. dipne. Gen. dipneab. Dat. dipni&iO. 4. Some form the plural by adding ce or ce : asceirme, afire; nom. plur. ceinnce: baoi, a clown; nom. oaoice and aicne, acommandment, has nom. plur. aiceanca. B. These generally form the genitive plural, by adding & or ao (not to the nominative singular, as in the model, but) to the nominative plural as nom.

Beside. Seac, peacam, beside me. peacac, beside thee. peaG 6, beside him. pea6 T, beside her. peabainn, beside us. pea6aib, beside you. peaca, beside them. Cap, beyond, copm, capm, over me. cope, cape, oyer [PART over. coppairm,cappaiTin,overus. coppaib, cappaib, over you. cappca, cappa, over them, thee. caipip, over him. caippce, caippi, over her. Gpe, through. cpfom, through me. cpfoc, through thee. cpfo, through him. cpfce, cptci, through her. cptnn, through us. tpfb, through you. cpfoca, through them, Uap, uapam, above me.

C6;5aip, thou takest. 3. copula pe, he takes. 1. 1. c65(imaoib, retake. 2. C65CC101, ye take. 3. €65010, they take. THE VERB. CHAP. ] 49 3. This is what is called the synthetic form of the verb. The S3r nthetic form is that in which the persons are expressed by inflections or termina- tions: 4. These six forms express the sense perfectly, without the accompaniment of the pronouns (except in the case of the third person singidar) that is, C65CUP, as it stands, without using along with it the pronoun cu, thou, expresses perfectly "thoutakest ;" and so of the others.

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