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By Chengdi Liu

ISBN-10: 7538160663

ISBN-13: 9787538160666

This booklet covers fifty striking homes equipped lately, from villas to apartments, every one shining with its personal brilliance.

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This ebook covers fifty extraordinary homes outfitted lately, from villas to apartments, every one shining with its personal brilliance.

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Tenant is looming in value. the landlord is having extra impact at the development. As Gerald D. Hines has stated, there are symptoms that the need for extra discretionary time will result in extra residential high-rises dose to or in the course of downtown place of work constructions. Downtown dwelling may perhaps develop into the specified replacement.

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While entering the house the eyes embrace the whole interior space and the related outdoor space, till the most far diagonals. This enlarged the potential of the perception of bigness of a house that is actually a very small volume: around 1000 cubic metre for a usable area of 150 square metres; while the perception is closer to a house of at least 300 square metres. The dilatation of the perception between the spaces and between outside and inside works in the same way throughout the entire building.

The new construction frames the old one, carries and protects it, the old building accomodates the new. 56 57 58 获奖情况: 2008年最佳设计师金奖 2008年德国混凝土建筑奖 在最近的30年间,巴伐利亚森林里的大部分老式农舍都遭到被毁坏,毁坏的原因就是对旧事物 的不重视以及缺乏对旧事物的正面评价。还有一种可能:人们试图改变该地区的贫困面貌。 因此,建筑理念是想保存原有的东西,并且不破坏老农舍“西莉亚”的结构,尽管这将耗资巨 大。让老建筑物中的房间都保持原貌,几乎不移走任何原有事物。这一点对于窗户、旧石膏、 楼梯耐火砖和其他陈旧的固定装置来说尤为重要。 其他移走的材料会回收利用,加工成家具。我们将在一些主要的房间里(比如老会客厅)利用 水泥分隔出新的空间,这些空间用于日常生活。新的建筑给旧建筑加了边框,对旧建筑起到了 支持与保护的作用。旧建筑包容了新建筑。 59 60 61 卡拉贝拉别墅 Location: Carabia, Ticino, Swizerland Designer: Davide Macullo Architetto Photographer: Pino Musi, Enrico Cano Completion date: 2007 项目地点:瑞士 提契诺 卡拉贝拉 设计师:大卫·马库洛建筑事务所 摄影师:皮诺·阿穆,恩尔莫·卡 诺 完成时间:2007年 House in Carabbia Carabbia is a little village of approximatelly 600 inhabitants.

Hai Merlin Studio/Peter Haimerl and Jutta Görlich have decided to build the new structures in the old farm house in the Bavarian Forest in foam glass concrete. On the one hand the living spaces should appear as monolithically as possible and should have very good thermal properties. On the other hand, the history of the Bavarian Forest is connected to the production of glass. A very special landscape characteristic that points out this tradition is the “Pfahl” – the pile – an underground quartz ridge, that comes to the surface near Viechtach town.

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